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Kiowatt is a company that adds value to the know-how of the François Group (Recybois cogeneration project) and from its partner, the company Luxenergy, for the installation of green energy projects.

Kiowatt is particularly active in the development of heating systems and production of combustible wooden granules.

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Presentation by Kiowatt in ROOST(Luxembourg):click here

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The Government supports companies who invest in

projects for the production of energy from

renewable energy sources.

The Government, represented by Mr. Jeannot Krecké, Minister for the Economy and External Trade and Mr Marco Schank, Deputy Minister for

Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, signed an agreement with Kiowatt on 25 July 2011 relating to the installation of a cogeneration project in Roost.

The Government supports Kiowatt's project using instruments provided for by the law relating to a scheme to help protect the environment and encourage the rational use of natural resources.

The company Kiowatt, formed in 2008 by LuxEnergie and its partner, WoodEnergy (François Group) to strengthen their activity in the biomass sector, specialises in the production of large-capacity solid biomass cogeneration units and also the production of wood pellets.

The cogeneration plant at Roost is the first project that Kiowatt has embarked upon.

It is a cogeneration unit which uses waste wood with a

gross heat power of 17 MW and electrical power of 2.6 MW. At full capacity,

the annual production of renewable electricity is estimated to be around 21 GWh and for renewable heat, 93 GWh per year.

On an annual basis, the plant allows around 32,000 t of biomass to be reclaimed in

the form of waste wood from Luxembourg sources and to lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) of 55,300 tonnes per year at full capacity. Waste wood is currently exported and not included as energy produced from

renewable energy sources for Luxembourg.

The electricity produced will be fed into the electrical grid while the heat from the cogeneration processes used for: - the production of cooling for refrigeration of the new LuxConnect datacentre in Roost which as a result will become the first "green datacentre" in Luxembourg;

  • the drying of around 63,000 tonnes of fresh wood for an annual production of 35,000 tonnes of wood granules, intended for the domestic market and for heating suppliers;
  • powering a future heating network within the business park

"Klengbousbierg" at Bissen. This possibility for using heat is

currently being researched.

The Kiowatt project itself, which is planned to be commissioned at the end of 2013,

will allow around 5% of the total envisaged production on national territory to be carried out

in terms of production of electricity, heat and cold from

renewable energy for the year 2020.

"The project contributes both to attaining the Government's objectives regarding

development and economic diversification, regarding reducing

gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect and regarding increasing the production

of renewable energy sources within our borders", highlighted the Minister, Jeannot


Press release from the Ministry of the Economy and External Trade

and by Kiowatt


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