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Rue Geo Lufbery
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ACE Logistics is a CDS Equipment company, formed in 2005 for transportation shipping and the management of logistic flows. ACE therefore allows CDS to control transport costs which are a significant part of its packaging logistics activity.

ACE specialises in the following activities:

Standard transportation from freight hubs

Renting transport lorries from Eastern countries

Managing rented lorries for a third party

Managing and optimising logistics flow

Managing transport budgets

Managing transportation for a third party.

In general terms, ACE is at the base of a standard transportation company that specialises in flow management and optimisation. It offers its customers access to freight hubs and therefore to better costs. It also offers its customers the possibility of using rentals at controlled mileage costs below-market prices.

The management of transportation for a third party is defined as follows: the customer leaves all its shipments to be carried out  secured at a basic price (the price that it would normally pay for this transportation); ACE is responsible for carrying out this transportation as a price that is lower and will refund the difference.

Transportation rental - Chartering

Our advantages:

  • Local knowledge, coupled with adaptability, efficiency and availability.
  • A regional and European transportation plan for upstream and downstream management of all our flows..
  • A company culture which will ensure you a return that response to your needs.
  • Multiple daily departures for France, Luxembourg, Germany etc.
  • Platforms located throughout Europe to supply customers and ensure a reliable and efficient service with reliable partners.