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NIMP 15 / ISMP 15

The aim of the NIMP 15 standard (ISMP 15 in English) is to provide and efficient response to the risk of distributing harmful organisms, whilst avoiding the risks of hindering international exchange as far as possible.

It requires an insecticide treatment to wood in circulation from a country that is infested with wood-boring insects.

The NIMP15 standard

Two treatments are recognised to rule out the danger of infestation by foreign bodies:

a chemical treatment, fumigation using methyl bromide (this method is prohibited for EURO pallets and is therefore not used at Paletterie François)

a heat process (raising the temperature within the wood to 56° C for 30 minutes).

The phytosanitary protection procedure implemented includes several stages:

advised stripping: manufacture of the pallets by using stripped wood exclusively

treatment carried out by the manufacturer, the re-conditioner/repairer or an independent company

marking a treated pallet with a registration number belonging to the company issued by the plant protection department of the country where the treatment has been carried out.
The specific marking includes a logo which represents an ear of wheat, and the two-letter ISO country code followed by the company's number, as well as the nature of the treatment carried out (MB for fumigation and HT for heat treatment)

on-going rigorous checks of companies by the Administration that falls within the remit of departments at the Ministry of Agriculture.
If the decision to apply NIMP15 falls within the competence of the importing country, the responsibility for checking the compliance of marked packaging and pallets falls to the country of origin of these products (exporting country).

The François Group and NIMP15 standards

The NIMP 15-certified companies in the François Group are: