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Sheet and eco-thinning

Paletteries François used to import large numbers of resinous wood sheets to make pallets.

In order to avoid this transportation, a sawmill that uses resinous wood from second and third thinnings has been installed on site

The harvesting of wood using the thinning technique is a significant forestry action to optimise forest production. This is what we mean when we speak of eco-thinning. The local forest is therefore salvaged not only by the sale of this wood and by integrating it into the economic network but also through a more logical use.

This local supply aviods massive imports from Eastern countries and significantly limits transportation and the inevitable pollution that accompanies it.

The sawmill benefits from electrical power supplied by the cogeneration unit and provides the sheets needed to make the pallets with a short trip and at competitive prices compared to the market in Eastern countries.

In figures:

  • Annual supply: 170,000 steres made from wood from second and third resinous thinnings (Spruce, Douglas fir and Larch)
  • Production: 55,000 m³ in sheets for Paletterie François
  • Derived products:
  • 50,000 tonnes of pellets (burnable wood granules)
  • Bark for park and garden development